About the Firm

Tehnotext was constructed around the idea that we can help computer users. We were the word processor that they needed when had to edit documents or just to type them and make them presentable. Our services were all the layers of editing (proofreading, copyediting, typesetting, researching), and ghostwriting.
Tehnotext’s aim was to provide high editorial standards and to encourage the correct use of written language. We followed international standard rules and the correct use of the Romanian language by means of academic sources.
We worked with authors, teachers, people who liked their documents nice and clean.
We made improvements to resumes, letters, internal guidelines, texts for school projects, publicity text and offers to clients, and especially books.
After our work, the client’s printable was absolutely ready to go on paper or online.

Tehnologia Adrian

Tehnologia Adrian created almost by itself while computer users needed assistance with their documents or just using the internet. This project got on its feet when customers were asking for troubleshooting or/and needed assistance buying a new PC/laptop. New technology encouraged some people to learn how to use a computer and these people often seeked help from Tehnologia Adrian in Sibiu.
Tehnologia Adrian also volunteered in the local library to help computer users.

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